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Science says that only 8 percent of people actually achieve their goals.

I’m not surprised. Because I’ve failed to achieve tons of goals myself as well.

We admire people living their best lives, free to do what they truly love, and feel so damn good about themselves. Therefore, we set ambitious goals for ourselves, wanting to become just like them. But time passed by, somehow, the passion slipped away, and the once-glittering dreams again became too far-fetched and impossible to achieve, left at the back of our mind.

This is what happened to most people, and they ended up never…

5 questions about death to unearth your true value and purpose

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I’ve witnessed death twice throughout my 23 years of life.

The first time was in an old hospital in rural China when I was 5. My grandpa passed away with lung disease. I vaguely remember people screaming and sobbing, but I was too absorbed with the ice cream my mom gave me to keep me distracted, while she was too busy handling the chaos.

The other one was 2 years ago when I just turned 21, on a chilly and windy morning. I stood on a sidewalk in Brighton, with a bunch of strangers, witnessing an ambulance took away a…

No one can truly walk in your shoes

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No one can truly walk in your shoes, not your parents, not your best friends, not even your future partner. So just be yourself and don’t bother to change how people see you.

This is what my mom told me a few months ago after I ended a relationship because I was tired of being constantly misunderstood.

It’s frustrating to know how people you trust and care about can misinterpret your intention, and how defensive they can be of such perceptions. But mom was right. …

#2: Your unique identities and perspectives make your story special

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Writing is not easy, not to mention when it’s not even in your first language.

Growing up in China, though spent my entire school years in an international school, I was never fully exposed to an English-speaking environment. As much as I could understand and communicate well in English, I was never a brilliant speaker or writer.

Hence, as an aspiring writer, when I started my journey on Medium, I felt pressured and wanted to shy away from publishing here, with a little bit of self-doubt:

  • What if my writing is too simple and looks too amateurish?
  • What if my…

haha, I lol'ed at this part, it's so true that most of the writing advice here on Medium are only based on personal experience that may or may not apply in everybody's case.

IMO reading too much advices either confuses writers or set their expectations too high, especially for those who just want to get on the fast lane.

The only tips I stick to is to be consistent, write a LOT, and learn from your own experience. But 100% agree with you on your points here, nice one Benya!

What’s stopping you from achieving more?

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I was extremely excited when I first joined the workforce after graduating from college in 2020.

Despite the then ongoing pandemic, I secured a professional job in an industry that I’ve always been interested in, and I was thrilled to learn and kick off my career in Gary Vee’s first-ever media agency in the APAC region.

I believe all young professionals would share the same excitement and ambition I had back then. Though we might be clueless about the road ahead, the future seems promising and full of possibilities.

Today, as I reached the one-year milestone of my professional journey…

And what you can do about it.

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People come and go, and we question ourselves when the important ones left.

They faded out from our lives gradually, and when we finally realize it, they are no longer the same people we used to have fun with, share our stories with, and plan a future with.

You wonder, how the hell did that happen? But even when the most alarming signs surfaced, you couldn’t bother to notice. Because you were so caught up in your own trivia, let alone to save the relationship before it sinks.

It’s always too late when we actually start trying.

But relationships don’t…

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I’ve always liked to claim myself as a multitasker and feel damn proud of it.

What’s cooler than being able to juggle different tasks and get them all done at once while others are still struggling to finish one?

If you’re good at multitasking, you basically can double or even triple your productivity, outperforming everybody and always be on the fast lane.

Oftentimes, people see “multitasking” as a shortcut to improve productivity. But truth is, we don’t multitask to be productive, we need to be productive first to multitask.

In short, multitasking is not a skill to learn. …

Question your fears to be fearless

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“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are your deepest fears?

When I was young, my biggest phobia was dark hallways. I imagined there’s always a creepy monster lurking behind one of the doors. If I cross the doorway, it’ll drag me in and torture me to death. Ridiculous right?

Oftentimes, just like how I fabricated a non-existing monster out of nowhere, we tend to exaggerate and react irrationally towards fears due to our survival instinct, which is often associated with some deep-rooted insecurities, instead of facts.

We are all…

Be bold and creative with your life

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The world is a playground, we always know that. But as we grow up, many forget about it.

In a playground, we are fascinated, we are excited, and we are thrilled by the different activities that we are going to participate in.

Some kids are shy but still curiously waiting at the side, wanting to befriend that fun kid and join the game. Some kids are fearless; they jump around and make loud noises, scratch their arm by accident. Some kids stayed away from the crowd, building their sandcastles alone, happily and peacefully.

Everybody is having fun.

We grow up…

Bohui Yi

I’m a 23 y.o media professional from China, I write about mental health, personal growth and everything in the 20s.

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